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I judge you not by what you wear,
Whether your garment is of rag or riches,
Or your skin is of a color white or black,
Whether you wear some gold or trinkets,
Or decorate yourself with stones and diamonds,
I see you with the eye of Soul.
I know you, for who you are inside of you,
Not for your smiles, for smiles could be false,
Not for your looks, for looks could deceive,
Not for your appearance, for that won’t last,
And not for your clothes, for that only covers.
I see you with the eye of Soul.
I am a friend to that you inside of you,
Blind to human depiction on the outside,
Deaf to unfair rumors and gossips
Numb to human flaws of character
For the eye within sees even more,
I see you with the eye of Soul.

— Olivia O. Mbamara, US Poet Laureate


Want to work up the courage before going?

First, try being nude in your own home. Try sleeping nude—once you get used to it, you won't want to sleep any other way.

That's the first easy step. Then, when you take your shower or bath, don't grab for a robe for at least 30 minutes, then an hour, then several hours. Do your nails, set your hair, write your email, or read the newspaper. I think you will enjoy it. (Be sure to always sit on a towel — this is part of nudist etiquette.) If you exercise, try it without clothes. Try doing the dishes, laundry, or vacuuming nude. It feels wonderful, and you won’t have sweaty clothes when you finish.< /p>

Then if you have enough privacy, try it in your backyard. Lay out on a blanket or do a little gardening. If you have a backyard pool, try skinny-dipping.

Now you are ready for the nude beach or club. Relax. You are about to meet your new best friends for the first time!

— Gerrie


SCNA promotes nudist and clothing-optional recreation, education and personal growth throughout Southern California. We include men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are age 18+, single or with families, including same-sex partners. We also have a strong set of behavior guidelines and a screening process so our members may enjoy a private, safe and protected environment.

We are also completely clothing optional (for the benefit of nervous spouses/partners and children who wish to attend an event but remain dressed). This makes us different from many other clubs and resorts, which often require nudity. One of our Behavior Guidelines is people are not allowed to comment on anyone else's state of dress. The last thing a nervous person needs, upon finally joining in, is to have everyone acknowledge it!

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It is Perfectly Normal to Be Scared…

Prior to attending your first nudist function it is completely normal to be scared witless. If it’s your spouse urging you to try nudism, anger is the normal reaction. Thinking that he is pursuing nudism just to see a lot of other naked women does not help either.

Your first few minutes may be difficult. You may feel vulnerable and ashamed. Trust me, the fear will pass and you will soon discover you are so relaxed you’ll even forget you are no longer wearing clothes! And you will know you belong when it is time to leave and you don’t want to get dressed again!

— Julie

SCNA - Where skinny dipping is good clean fun!


Thank you for your interest in joining SCNA.

Membership is open to everyone 18 years of age or older.

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