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Why join AANR through SCNA?

Thank you for your interest in AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Founded in 1932, AANR is the oldest and largest nudist advocacy organization in North America, with members in all US states as well as in US territories along with Canada and Mexico. The mission of AANR is to “protect, promote, provide and preserve nude recreation…”

AANR provides many benefits to members. It publishes a monthly magazine, The Bulletin, and a monthly e-mail newsletter, The Undressed Press. It offers commercial discounts and members can receive discounted rates at many AANR-affiliated resorts (local examples: Glen Eden, DeAnza, and Olive Dell) across North America. It has an active governmental affairs committee, and its legal team helps its members with family-nudity legal issues such as when there are divorce and child custody issues. As a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, individual AANR members are the owners and have the right to vote and otherwise participate in the operation of the organization.

SCNA is proudly affiliated with this international group and is active in its governance, particularly in the Western Region (AANR-West.) While not required, we strongly urge you to support their efforts to protect our rights to nude recreation in this country. Joining AANR through SCNA helps to maintain our charter, allows us to request help to further our own outreach and advocacy mission, and it increases our opportunities to provide input into AANR operations. In exchange we can offer to you a discount over the national membership rate.

AANR offers several classes and durations of membership for individuals, youth and students. Most of our members opt for the Basic Annual membership, a two-year membership, or a student membership. There are also Premier, Full Life and Elite levels for those who wish to provide additional support to the nudist movement and receive thankful recognition.

The current rate for basic AANR membership through SCNA is $55 per year. The student rate is $31 per year. For other membership options and payment methods, contact SCNA.

How to join AANR through SCNA?

If you are a member of SCNA or a Friend of SCNA you are eligible to join the American Association for Nude Recreation through our club. To join you must complete the membership application and submit it to the SCNA office.

Your application can be completed by downloading and printing the form, or by requesting one to be sent to you. Fill it out and return it by mail. Alternatively, you can scan and email the application and send the payment by our online payment process through Paypal. The application and payment can also be made using the forms below.

When we receive your application we will review it for completeness and accuracy and ensure that your SCNA membership is current. We will also verify that your payment is correct for the class of membership that you are requesting. If there is any additional information required, you will be contacted by telephone or email.

When all is in order your application and dues payment will be forwarded to AANR for processing. Within a few weeks you will receive your membership card directly from the AANR national office.

Download the AANR Application below.

Mail your application and payment to:

SCNA — AANR Membership
23679 Calabasas Rd #940
Calabasas, CA 91302


Pay online

All online SCNA transactions are handled through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use the service. They process all major credit cards. You will receive a confirmation email that the payment has been accepted. SCNA will respond to the order confirming receipt and requesting any additional information that may be required.

If you have any questions, comments, or additional details about your AANR membership, Contact Us!

Contact Us!

If you have any questions, comments, or additional details about your TNS membership, please feel free to send us a message by phone, email or our online contact form.

We even read our postal mail, so that is also an option!

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Thank you for your interest in joining SCNA.

Membership is open to everyone 18 years of age or older.

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