Welcome to Southern California

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Welcome to SCNA

SCNA is a clothing-optional "travel club," which means we are a social organization of nudists and like-minded friends with no specific park or resort to call home. We meet in the backyards of members with swimming pools or Jacuzzis, or we go sailing off the coast, or we hike on secluded mountain trails, or visit local beaches where we can enjoy the surf and sand as nature intended. We also participate in many activities at the various nudist resorts in our fair state.

We are the largest nudist travel club in Southern California with participating members from as far as San Diego, Palm Springs, Bakersfield and Santa Maria, although most live in and around Los Angeles and Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties. Membership is open to persons who are over age 18, singles, couples and families, including same-sex partners. All must undergo an application screening process and all agree to abide by our behavior policies at our events and activities.

But we do more than just have a lot of fun. We actively promote and encourage clothing-optional recreation and personal growth opportunities for all ages through our educational outreach programs. We are active sponsors of the annual World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles, raising awareness of environmental and safety issues while demonstrating the harmlessness of the unclothed body. Through our speakers bureau, our publications, and our web site, we strive to create and provide access to clothing-optional environments where the human body is celebrated, where human sensuality is accepted, and where personal choice is respected.

SCNA - Where skinny dipping is good clean fun!

Who Can Attend Our Local Events & Activities?

SCNA participating members may attend our club-sponsored activities for a reduced fee, enough to cover our expenses. Guests of members (and ANNR and TNS members) pay a higher admittance fee (about $10 more than members) to attend our events. Members of other local naturist organization are admitted at the SCNA member rate. This is a reciprocal arrangement with most of the other non-landed clubs in our area.

If you would like to attend one of our clothing-optional activities, we would like to invite you. For the protection of our members and guests we must insist that all attendees be of good character. To help ensure that, you must be sponsored by a member who guarantees the behavior of their guests, or you must join us for one of our many “Meet-Up” dinners, where we can get to know you before deciding to invite you to an event. We also will collect identification to conduct a background check, particularly looking for offenses against children and violent acts.

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Upcoming Events

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Places To Go

Information about clothing optional parks and clubs in California.


A great resource for those new to or curious about nudism.


Thank you for your interest in joining SCNA.

Membership is open to everyone 18 years of age or older.

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